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Some of you may be wondering why we are still here in the States after announcing that we will be moving to the Dominican Republic to reach teenage girls enslaved in prostitution. Believe me, we do want to be there. However, one of of the main reasons we are still here in the States is to share our vision for our ministry and invite people to partner with us to see this vision come to pass. Since the cost of living in the Dominican Republic is higher than in Bolivia, and because our responsibilities will be different and greater than they were, we need monthly financial partners to join us.

If you want to be a part of changing lives in the Dominican Republic, contact us. We would love to hear from you.


We are currently in the process of becoming licensed, ordained and affiliated with an international organization. We are also incorporating as a ministry. (More on all of that later.)

Grunge_Flag_Dominican_Republic_by_pnkrckr0d6b16 Visas

The process for getting our Dominican Resident Visas is a lengthy one, and it begins here in the US. We’ve done the research in determining what the requirements are and have begun the process for obtaining a Residents Visa for all four of us.

AP_HP_v9_BG1397175c8b15US Passport

One of our goals while we are here was to get Jolee’s US Passport. We are happy to say that we are passed the application process and are now just waiting for her passport to arrive. It may sound like such a simple thing, but it brings much excitement to us as a family.

Girl Talkgirlse1c1f986d19f

Talk, talk, talk. That’s our girls favorite pass time. They even like to talk to each other through make believe ear pieces like secret agents. :) Jolee enjoys trains, cars, and tutus. Jalynne enjoys heels, super hero capes, and her karaoke machine. Both are very funny and so very cute. We kind of don’t want them to grow up because this is such a fun age!

Prayers Appreciated

Please don’t ever underestimate how important prayer is. We have seen the impossible happen because of your faithful prayers.

Please keep us in your prayers:
– during this time of transition with all of the ministry and family changes coming up.
– that all paper work processes may go smoothly.
– that God may make provision for our family and ministry in anyway he seems fit.
– for the Dominican people. Specifically for the hearts and lives of the teenage girls we will come in contact with there.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on what’s going on with us.

God Bless,
Romon, Melinda,
Jolee & Jalynne

We’re Moving to the Dominican Republic!

Our Time in the Dominican Republic

It’s mid-November, which means you are all getting ready for the holiday season. We’ll be the first to say it…Happy Holidays! We are excited because this is the first time our girls will be with family during this time.

We have been in the USA for almost 3 months now. A lot has taken place in these 3 months. One change, in case you didn’t know, is that we’ve decided  we will be moving to the Dominican Republic!

We just returned from the Dominican Republic after spending almost a week there. We went trusting that God would answer some questions we had about the direction we should take. We have been feeling led to go to the Dominican Republic in order to reach out to young women in prostitution there. We didn’t know how nor when. However, being there and seeing there is a huge need really confirmed what we were thinking and feeling.

We had the opportunity to visit a safe house for women seeking a way out of the sex trade.  After asking several people what the greatest need is in the Dominican Republic, they all feel help for teenage girls in prostitution is a must. Legally, the safe houses are prohibited from housing women and small children with teenagers.There are several safe houses for women and their children, however not one exists for teenagers needing an escape. After much research and prayer, we made a decision to focus a big part of our ministry in opening a home for female minors in the sex trade.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work out the details, timing and budgeting and prepare to make the move to the Dominican Republic.

We are always so, so grateful for your continued support in helping us reach the unreached for Christ. It is only by his grace and love that we are able to share Him with others and see people truly transformed from the inside out. Thank you for being a part of the Lords work in Bolivia, and now in the Dominican Republic.

God Bless,
Romon and Melinda Gore

P.S. We understand that you may have lots of questions about the changes. We want you to feel free to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

Prostitution is not illegal in the Dominican Republic. However, this brothel has been temporarily shut down for prostituting minors.

Jolee and Jalynne are having a great time being able to spend time with their Grandparents on a daily basis. They enjoy singing, dancing, playing outside, and watching Dora the Explorer.  And as you can see, they really like getting their picture taken :)

Life Stateside

Visiting New Covenant Christian Church in Fort Dodge, IA

Visiting New Covenant Christian Church in Fort Dodge, IA

Ohio-> West Virginia -> Wisconsin -> Iowa ->Pennsylvania -> Maryland -> Washington, DC

We have been in the USA for 2 full months already. When we arrived we took two weeks to unpack and relax. After that, we hit the road visiting family and supporters. It’s been a great time so far.

Our longest road trip was 13 hours long. In case you’re wondering how the girls behave on the road, they are AMAZING travelers. They have transitioned well into American culture and do great meeting new people everyday. We were blessed with flexible children. It makes traveling a lot more pleasant.

We will continue on the road for a month or two sharing our ministry goals and raising support for our future work in the Dominican Republic.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel and plan our next steps in ministry.


The Gores

We’re Getting Closer!

trip updateWe wanted to update everyone on the status of our trip to the U.S.. We are moving along with the adoption process and it’s looking like we will be able to come to the United States in July or August!

As you may already know, we have been raising funds for this trip to the States. So far, we have received $1,832 in donations. We are so thankful for those of you who responded to our need. We are still needing to raise $3,668 more.

Would you like to help us reach our goal? 
If so, please click here.

God Bless,
The Gore Family

Trip Update

trip update

The last time we wrote we mentioned we need to raise $5,500 for four tickets in order for us to be able to come visit the States this Summer. Have we mentioned we are very excited about that?

So, here is the update. We have received $1,100 in donations so far. We are so thankful for those of you who responded right away to our need. We are still needing to raise $4,400 more.

Would you like to help us get there? 
If so, please follow the giving links below.

(PAYPAL DONATION) : *NOT tax-deductible

(OTHER WAYS TO GIVE) : *tax-deductible options

God Bless,
The Gore Family

USA, We’re Coming This Summer!

ImageHi Friends,

As we mentioned in our video update (see previous post) we are coming to the States for a few months at the end of July, pending the completion of the adoption.

We are needing to raise $5,500 for four tickets. Our goal will be to visit family and allow them precious time with our girls. Lots have yet to meet them. We will also be visiting supporting churches, potential supporting churches, and many friends.

 Please consider how you can help us.

(PAYPAL DONATION) : *NOT tax-deductible

(OTHER WAYS TO GIVE) : *tax-deductible options

Thanks and God Bless!
The Gore Family